Frigate discussion, Part 3: Gallente, or; “Is that cancer?”

First off, I’m going to apologize. I really don’t like flying Gallente ships. Really. I don’t know why, I just don’t. I’m gonna try to be as impartial as I can be, but if my dislike shows through, I’m sorry.

Now, we’ve done Caldari, and we’ve been through Minmatar, so now we’re gonna do Gallente. So, let’s see why we’d want to fly these little ships in the first place, shall we?

  1. Decent Armor Tank. Most Gallente ships are best suited to relying on their armor for protection. Some of their ships have bonuses for Armor Rapairer effectiveness. While this approach may be great for 1v1 situations, those bonuses don’t work well in fleet situations.
  2. Drones. Gallente have the best Drone Ships in New Eden. Bonuses to Drone Damage, Hit Points, Speed, and Tracking, make these ships especially deadly when they have the opportunity to unleash those drones. When they don’t have that opportunity, however, those Drone Ships are at a disadvantage.
  3. Hybrid Weapons. As a supplement to their drones, Gallente ships use Hybrid Turrets. Depending on the type of turret used, these turrets can either act as a long-range addition to DPS in the form of Railguns, or punishing short-range DPS in the form of Blasters.
  4. Ewar. Gallente ewar is Remote Sensor Dampening. they can either shorten your targeting range to a nearly useless range, or make your scan resolution so low, that it can take a very, very long time to lock even a BattleCruiser.

Well, that’s it for pros and cons. Let’s see if I remember the different Frigates well enough to offer some insight into them, shall we?

  1. Navitas – The old Mining Frigate, now a Support Frigate. This one specializes in using Remote Armor Repairers. Like the others, this is a good ship for Frigate gangs, but not much else.
  2. Imicus – Scanning Frigate. It scans things, with Scan Probes. Yippee.
  3. Maulus – Ewar Frigate. This one is kind of fun. Throw some Remote Sensor Dampeners on it, script them for Targeting Range, and go get into some solo 1v1’s. If you use Railguns and Drones, you can easily dampen the other guy’s targeting range to next to nothing, and just stay at long range, plinking away at him with your offensive stuff, until he either goes away, or dies in a fireball. Great Fun!
  4. Atron – The Gallente Attack Frigate. I don’t have much experience with this one. But, looking at the Bonuses and Slot layout, this looks like a good all-round tackler and DPS ship.
  5. Incursus – One of the Gallente Combat Frigates. I love the way this guy looks. Three Turret hardpoints, plenty of low slots, and a bonus to Armor Repairers. This can be one tough little Frigate, but it won’t stand up to being outnumbered for long. In one on one situations, however, it is tough to beat this little guy’s tank.
  6. Tristan – The other Gallente Combat Frigate. Two turrets, a whole bunch of drones, and decent slot layout for armor tanking makes the Tristan a great PvP ship. Slow, but powerful, and with the drones, this guy is deadly to other Frigates in 1v1 situations.

That’s it for the Gallente line-up, folks. I hope this proves to be useful to you, and next up, those insidious Amarr, and their golden Frigates!


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